Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Tour rehearsals
The choir is hard at work with guest Andy Miller, working on Loch Lomond by Jonathan Quick

Choir Tour 2014

The St. Mary's Central High School Concert Choir is going to Florida and the Bahamas. 

We depart June 6. Come join us at SMCHS in the small gym for Catholic Mass and a concert. Mass is at 5:00 p.m. 

Some highlights of the tour include:

  • Singing at St. James Cathedral in Orlando on Pentecost Sunday 9:00 Mass June 8
  • Singing the Star Spangled Banner in St. Petersburg for the Tampa Bay Rays vs. Seattle Mariners MLB game 1:40 June 8
  • Disney World Performing Arts Concerts June 9
  • Carnival Cruise June 12-15

We'll try to post some updates and pictures during the tour. 

Friday, April 27, 2012

Congratulations to our State Star Vocalists 

All ratings for the festival are posted below:


I-Excellent   Catherine Bopp - O del mio dolce ardor
I-Excellent  Jessica Johnson - Quella fiamma
Star  Alexandra Streifel - Alleluia
Star   Juliana Keller - Ah, Love But a Day
Star   Dominick Goettle - Lydia
I-Excellent  Ben Porter - I Attempt From Love's Sickness
I-Excellent Kendra Weigel - Chanson d'amour
Star   Rachel Goettle - La volubile
Star   Sara Friedt - Die Forelle


I-Excellent  Pie Jesu - BVE3
I-Excellent  Frobisher Bay - GVE3
Star   Crucifixus - GVE2
I-Excellent   I Walked Today Where Jesus Walked - MVE2
I-Excellent   Ave Verum Corpus - MVE7
Star   Caresse sur l'ocean - GVE12
Star  Dulaman - BVE12
Star  O Vos Omnes - MVE12

You are wonderful singers!  25 of you received a star rating today! Congratulations on your hard work!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A year later...

Well, it has been an entire year since my last blog.  I had better change that! Today was a very good day. We took 47 students to the West Region Vocal Music Contest. We spent the day at Century Baptist Church. (and we learned a few things - like...carpet doesn't resonate, and...Baptists don't believe in the saints) OK - anyway... I get to post results for the day and share some thoughts.

Next... 27 students will be at University of Mary on April 27. 
Also... I have 59 certificates of superior rating in my possession. 
I will start with solos!
Congratulations to:

Catherine Bopp - O del mio dolce ardor
Jessica Johnson - Quella fiamma
Alexandra Streifel - Alleluia
Juliana Keller - Ah, Love But a Day
Dominick Goettle - Lydia
Ben Porter - I Attempt From Love's Sickness
Kendra Weigel - Chanson d'amour
Rachel Goettle - La volubile
Sara Friedt - Die Forelle

Now, on to the ensembles:

Pie Jesu - BVE3
Frobisher Bay - GVE3
Crucifixus - GVE2
I Walked Today Where Jesus Walked - MVE2
Ave Verum Corpus - MVE7
Caresse sur l'ocean - GVE12
Dulaman - BVE12
O Vos Omnes - MVE12

And... there you have it! Congratulations to all singers. 
Those NOT listed above received either a I or a II rating. I will hand out ballot sheets on Tuesday. Please be thinking of a time when your ensemble can practice on a regular basis before state.  I would like to work toward a couple "best of the day" awards, because you are the best part of my school day! ;-)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

West Region Vocal Contest Results

Wow! What a day. The Singing Saints participated in the West Region Vocal Contest. It was held at McCabe United Methodist Church on April 7. I'm posting results for the state bound students. They will be traveling to Jamestown April 29 and competing with other vocal solos/ensembles throughout North Dakota. Lots of hard work, late night practices and major memorizing went into this process. I am so proud of the many who put in additional time outside of the choir class to prepare! That's what makes a difference. OK... We'll celebrate in class and the ballots will be available for review.

BVE 2-3...
3 Ave Verum

BVE 4-6...
5 Quiet Joys

Dominick Goettle- Widmung

Michael Berger- Bright is the Ring of Words

GVE 2-3...
2 Tulerunt Dominum meum

GVE 4-6...
6 Heidenroslein

6 Heart, We Will Forget Him

GVE 7-12...
12 In Paradisum

Alexandra Streifel - Seguidillas Religiosas

Amanda Wentz - Se tu m'ami
Brittany Dunnigan- Non so piu
Juliana Keller - Die Mainacht
Rachel Goettle - Amorosi Miei Giorni
Sarah Porter- Vaghissima sembianza
Sommer Wild - Chi vuol la zingarella

MVE 2-3
2 Wir gehn nun

2 Ave Maria

MVE 4-6
4 Legenda

MVE 7-12
8 Ave Verum

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Singing My heart out.

Valentine's Day is just around the corner. The choir is working on Midwinter music for our February 27th concert. We are singing Chesnekov, Randall Thompson, Calwell & Ivory, and Klouse's "The Prayer of the Children". News worthy items about this year? The choir is sending 4 students to the National ACDA Conference in Chicago! Bravo to Christian Boechler, Rachel Goettle, Nick Van Sickle, and Nicholas Boechler. We also just had our ND ACDA Conference in Dickinson. I had the pleasure of taking 11 students. 6 guys in the Men's HS/Collegiate Honor Choir; Jace Carroll, Christian Boechler, Michael Berger, Dominick Goettle, Alex Willey, and Ben Porter. 5 students in the JH/MS Honor Choirs; Rachel Goettle, Alanna Carlson, Jenna Smith, Nick Van Sickle and Nicholas Boechler (though I can't claim Nicholas any more - he is Miss Jessi Maher's student). She is a former student of mine. How cool is that? They were fun! The drive home was not! Snow fog=scary!
We participated in the University of Mary Jazz Festival. I have been a part of that festival since 1983. Yikes. Vijay Singh and Michelle Weir were awesome. I had the youngest high school choir with the newest students and they upheld the tradition of excellence for St. Mary's. We debuted our first ever guys group. Fun! The NDMEA All State lists came out. We have 9 students in the choirs and 1 alternate (we're hoping to get him in too!) Jazz Choir= Brittany Dunnigan, Kendra Weigel, Christian Boechler; Mixed Choir=Rachel Goettle, Sarah Porter, Dominick Goettle; Women's Choir=Alexandra Streifel, Juliana Keller, Maureen Bry. Way to go Saints!
Here's hoping you have a beautiful time with someone you love in the next week, celebrating Valentine's Day.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Wonderful Start

We are just completing the first quarter of school. Last spring is still a fog. I can't even remember who recorded the spring concert. Wow. It was such a difficult spring. The tour was a success, but it was tough to give myself permission to have fun. My heart still aches when I look across the room. But I have been truly blessed with the best students. They are great people with personality. It is going to be a wonderful year. I auditioned them for the NDMEA conference. We used last years pieces. (minus the spring concert - never did find it) I know that so far they have risen to the challenges. I'll try to keep people posted on this year's journey.